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                      DT Energy Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary company of Green Energy Battery Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech lithium battery manufacturer which specialized in R&D, design, production and sales. The company's self-developed 12V-96V smart lithium battery pack has remote live monitoring functions and long cycle life, safety and environmental friendly etc. features, it is widely used in golf carts, tourist vehicles, patrol vehicles and neighbor communities vehicles etc.


                      DT Energy has been committed to its operation philosophy of innovation, integrity, service,Combine advanced Battery management system (BMS) technology with systematic management  to better serve customers with efficient, reliable and safe power solutions.


                      The company’s R&D technology center works on product structure design, BMS software and hardware design, program monitoring, testing, instrumentation etc. professional technical field. At the same time, introduced advanced R&D test equipment such as Electronic Load Meter, High and Low Temperature Programmable Temperature and Humidity Box, Dual-channel Digital Oscilloscope and Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator etc. Our R&D team has professional and rich experience in product development and design, which can customize different product solutions according to customer needs.


                      DT Energy adheres to integrity management, continuously strengthens technological innovation capabilities, improves product quality and services, Actively explore the global strategic cooperation market, and strives to create products that exceed customer expectations with technological innovation and craftsmanship, and work together with customers to seek common development.

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                      • 48V 210Ah
                        48V 210Ah
                        Smart Lithium ion battery pack C48-210See more >
                      • 48V 160Ah
                        48V 160Ah
                        Smart Lithium ion battery pack C48-160See more >
                      • 12V 18Ah
                        12V 18Ah
                        Smart Lithium ion battery pack C43-180BSee more >
                      • 24V 10Ah
                        24V 10Ah
                        Smart Lithium ion battery pack C74-100BSee more >
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